Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion Dark Is A Better Alternative To Harmful UV Rays

Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion dark will have you looking like you just came back from a Florida vacation. This sunshine in a bottle is a healthier alternative to spending countless hours in the sun trying to achieve the same dark tan. Many of us not only do not have the time to be lying out on a beach working on a tan but exposure to the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays causes premature wrinkling as well. [youtube:y9M8WUJxYvQ;[link:tan, tanning lotion, free sample, mystic tan];]

Another negative side effect of exposure to the sun is an increased risk of acquiring skin cancer. Too many fair haired people who are sensitive to burns from the sun are also more vulnerable to getting melanomas. Their skin does not have enough pigment in it to sustain the harmful effects of the UV rays. The skin is more vulnerable to developing burns since it cannot darken sufficiently to protect the skin from the sun.

The sunshine in a bottle is non streaking so the user can easily create a natural looking tan. White, chalky looking complexions are replaced by glowing honey colored skin. The lotion has proven itself to being an improved alternative to too much sun exposure.[I:]

The user will enjoy a year round tan that will be the source of many complimentary remarks about how healthy their skin looks. The three part system consists of an exfoliation gel to remove dead skin first. This should be used 2-3 days ahead of time and the shower works the best.

The aromatic cherry almond scent enhances the experience and should be used in small amounts since a little goes far. Medium skin toned people are ideal candidates for using the dark version of this formula and as a positive side effect there will be no unsightly streaks left on bed linen. Fabric staining has been a chronic problem in the past with these kinds of products.

Once the tanning product has been used a maintainer is to be applied to keep the tan longer. It is also important to moisturize the skin before using the product to avoid dry areas that will tan into an orange color. Buyers should purchase the right intensity of color so that their tan will appear natural. The dark tanning lotion is meant for those with higher levels of pigment in their skin.

Tanning oneself from bottled products requires testing a small amount on an area of skin that is not going to show. When the skin over reacts then you will be able to discontinue use and it will not be apparent to the public. Testing any new products should be done in small amounts at first.

Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion dark will help the user to add color to their skin to avoid looking pasty white. It is an ideal solution for protecting the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. It will help the user to feel more peppy as if they had just returned from a tropical holiday.

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