Sun Self Tanning Dark Body Lotion

Sun self tanning dark products provide a perfect, natural looking tan, dark and beautiful. In a very short time you will have a lovely bronze skin, and it will remain the same for days. Easy to absorb, non fat and soft, this is something your skin will love. Further more, it will also act like a moisturizer. [youtube:6vQd9qhRDvY;[link:fantasy tan, bronzer tanning lotion, best sunless tanning lotion, best self tanners 2011, best self tanenrs 2012];]

Whatever you might heard, it won’t make a mess of your clothes or bed. It wont make streaks or dyes, or clog your pores. It will give you beautiful, dark shade with a glow, nice and even. Of course, in order of achieving this, you have to follow some rules.

Before anything, you should exfoliate your skin so it would be perfectly clean and smooth. After that, you will be ready to apply the product. Make sure you do it fast and evenly, and not to miss any part. If you are not sure about it, go to professionals or ask your friend for help.[I:]

Some products are enriched with additional ingredients that intensify the color in a few hours after application. Others give you an instant tan, natural looking and glamorous. Much healthier than any form of exposing your body to the sun, this form of sun tanning is the easiest thing you can imagine.

Your face demands special approach, because it is the most sensitive part. That’s why there are special products for it, to provide the best care and moisturizing of that area. Wrinkles are usually problematic part, but there are even some products that reduce them.

All kinds of products are available to take care of your new tan. If it start to fade, it’s time to apply new layer, or to make some corrections. You can use small spray, or a roll-on designed for that purpose. It is more than convenient when you are away from home, to carry one of those in your bag. But, with sun self tanning dark, you shouldn’t worry, most of those products last up to one week without need for correction.

Applying Sun Self Tanning Dark lotion will offer a smooth and even tan without the danger of the sun’s rays. For the best lotion products check our website online

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