The Accessibility And Effect Of Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning is one method people are choosing to achieve a healthy, outdoor look. It has the advantage of achieving a tan quickly without spending hours in the sun. It often changes a person’s appearance, covering blemishes and making them appear slimmer.[youtube:hwNcl4w5Lr0;[link:Best Self Tanning Lotion,mystic tan, spray tan];]

Medical circles classify how people tan by the type of skin they have. These types range from 1 to 6. Types 1 and 2 refer to white skin which seldom tans and sunburns easily. These are the people who benefit greatly from this type of sunless tanning without sun exposure.

Gels, creams, lotions and sprays are available to achieve the sunless tanning effect. They can be put on by professional spray salons or be self-applied. After a few tries it will be easy to find the method that is most effective. Regardless of the type chosen, it must be repeated, usually by the end of 10 days.[I:]

This type of sunless tanning came about after the danger of the sun’s UV and UVA rays were realized. These rays penetrate the skin and damage the underlying cells if protection is not provided. It must be remembered that sunless tanning will not offer the protection sunscreens and sunblocks will. Too much sun exposure, without protection, can result in premature aging.

The majority of sunless tanning products contain an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is absorbed by the outer skin’s dead cells, causing them to darken. As the body sheds these cells, the tan will fade.

It is important to avoid any contact with the eyes, lips or mucus membrane when using these products. Inhalation should also be avoided as it can cause problems. When going to a professional, the sunless tanning spray will be applied using equipment such as a LVLP spray gun, airbrush or other specialized tools. Since this has been approved under FDA guidelines, sunless tanning can be used by anyone.

Sunless tanning is a wise choice to get the look of sun-kissed skin without endangering your health. You can add to the skin protection with Sun Tan Lotion designed for your skin type.

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