The Recipe for Natural Breast Enlargement

by Lindelwa Maseko

Over the last few years, breast enlargement has seen a swing from the older implant surgery to more natural breast enlargement methods. By avoiding the use of silicone or something like it, women are far less likely to be subjected to side effects caused by these other breast enlargement methods. There are a number of products available ranging from apparatus like breast pumps to the simpler pills, creams, sprays and lotions in addition to the use of exercise and massage.

The earliest age that a female will enter in to puberty is about ten but most have started by the age of twelve and what most breast pills do is mimic the period of growth during puberty by producing the hormones responsible like estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. Phytoestrogen which is found in certain herbs and has the same effects as human estrogen is used to help increase breast tissue growth.

There are also breast enlargement creams, lotions and sprays which contain natural ingredients which work by firming the tissues and ligaments of the breasts. But they have another function; that of moisturizing the breasts which also makes them look younger and firmer. These breast enhancement and enlargement herbs and ingredients are available in various forms, like creams, lotions, sprays and pills.

Many women applaud the effects provided by the breast pump which is based loosely on the pumps used to draw extra milk from lactating mothers except the shape and function are different. They are made up of two identical cups which fit completely over the breast and a pump action causes a negative pressure which in turn creates a vacuum as the air is removed. This has a number of beneficial effects including aiding in the removal of toxins which may form especially when a mother is breast feeding and improves the circulation of blood, tissues and ligaments.

There are various exercises for the enlargement of breasts and apart from these exercises massage is also very helpful in the enlargement of breasts. The way breast enlargement exercises achieve the desired effect is by making the muscles below the breast area, on both men and women, much firmer and as a consequence the tissue becomes stronger and more supple.

The beauty of breast massage is that no special apparatus is required but creams or lotions can make this easier although yoga can also help. By using certain movements and techniques, breast massage will provide the same benefits of using breast pumps in improving the blood flow and as a consequence, the removal of any harmful toxins which settle in them.

So the advantages of natural breast enlargement are many especially when you know they are safer and have almost no side effects nor do you need to be cut open for them to work.

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