Three Approaches To Achieve A Golden Look With Sun Tan Lotion And Tan Airbrush Methods

The need to protect skin from the sun’s UV rays has been promoted for years. However, it’s important to know that there is a difference between sun tan lotion and sunscreen. Even though both allow individuals to have fun in the sun, the end result of both products is quite different.[youtube:b5iCdNFIfkc;[link:Giselle Eyseshadow, best makeup, top mineral makeup];]

Sunscreen contains SPF which is specifically designed to block the sun’s rays. It is this by-product of sunbathing that often results in melanoma, more commonly known as skin cancer. Although it is still possible to create that golden look and even burn when using sunblock, it reduces the likelihood of severe burns and the development of life-threatening illnesses.

For many years people just lounged in sunlight to get a tan, without using protection. They did not realize that they were causing their skin to age and wrinkle, making them look older. They were also exposed to radiation from the sun’s rays which resulted in life-threatening conditions when they got older.[I:]

Tanning lotion, on the other hand, is designed to ensure that a golden color is achieved after exposure to solar rays. It’s not uncommon to arrive at a beach and see people who have been tanning for years look much older than they are. With the right lotion, however, this depth can be achieved in a shorter amount of time and appear more genuine than even found in a tanning booth.

This is not to say that booths and beds are bad ideas. In fact, their construction allows them to imitate the effects of UV rays without the harmful side effects. They do this by using UVA rays which are quick, causes fewer burns, create the base needed, and are carried out in a controlled setting. Lotion is used in these situations to achieve the desired color.

The final option is chemical tanning which can come in the form of airbrushing, wipes, lotions, gels, or sprays. Although they do not provide a base coat, chemicals used most closely achieve the color desired. This option is growing in popularity and can be expensive and quicker. Although burns can still result because there is no base coat, a golden color is generated without the time or danger of other choices.

Regardless of the option selected, sun tan lotion is a key ingredient in achieving the perfect golden color. Once the color is perfect, that white dress sparkles and others will take notice. The hardest part is finding the perfect color the first time with a good product.

You can get that sunless tan you have always wanted. You can turn to sun tan lotion or the tan airbrush in order to get that beautiful glow.

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