Three Approaches To Gain A Golden Look With Sun Tan Lotion And Tan Airbrush Methods

From childhood, people are warned about the danger of too much sun. Protection from UV rays is provided with sunscreen, but today the same results can be achieved with sun tan lotion with the added bonus that a golden color will result. Both of these products have different ingredients and produce different results, but today’s desire to achieve that perfect golden look can be achieved easier than ever.[youtube:b5iCdNFIfkc;[link:Giselle Eyseshadow, best makeup, top mineral makeup];]

It has long been known that solar radiation on an unprotected body, can cause skin cancer (melanomas), as well as severe burns. There is SPF in sunscreen which blocks the rays, but still can achieve that golden look although it often takes longer. It is still possible to get a slight sunburn which often disappears in a few days. Additionally, it must be reapplied whenever an individual leaves the water.

For many years people just lounged in sunlight to get a tan, without using protection. They did not realize that they were causing their skin to age and wrinkle, making them look older. They were also exposed to radiation from the sun’s rays which resulted in life-threatening conditions when they got older.[I:]

Tanning lotion, on the other hand, is designed to ensure that a golden color is achieved after exposure to solar rays. It’s not uncommon to arrive at a beach and see people who have been tanning for years look much older than they are. With the right lotion, however, this depth can be achieved in a shorter amount of time and appear more genuine than even found in a tanning booth.

Tanning booths and beds, per se, have a special place in the process in achieving the overall look desired. They are able to create the same effect on the body as the sun’s UV rays, without bad side effects. This is because they use UVA rays which replicate natural results. Special lotions are designed for this purpose where regular outdoor lotions cannot be used.

Another possibility to achieve this golden hue, is to use chemical tanning. This is done with lotions, sprays, gels, wipes, and airbrushing. It is a temporary measure, but allows an individual to achieve the desired look quickly and inexpensively. This does not offer the same level of protection from exposure outdoors, so caution should be taken when going outdoors.

It is now possible to obtain a golden color safely, by using a quality sun tan lotion. It is imperative to choose a good product for this purpose. Unfortunately, over the years some poor products have resulted in an undesirable color with longer lasting results than would otherwise be expected. However, the perfect color is out there. All it takes is shopping around.

You can get that sunless tan you have always wanted. You can turn to sun tan lotion or the tan airbrush in order to get that healthy glow.

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