Treatments for Anti Aging Are More Than Superficial

Everyone wants to look younger. Since the beginning of time, man has searched for the fountain of youth. Technology has always been applied to counter the forces of aging. Various treatments have been developed to help the skin to retain moisture and stay healthy. There have been creams and elixirs all promising younger looking skin or removal of wrinkles. Many have merit and some out just outright scams preying on the hope of people to stay young. Skin is certainly the main focus, but delve a little deeper and you will find that just below the skin are muscles and tissues which need help too. Many of the best massage chair brands are now integrating massage therapies to help your body to better retain its youth and vitality.

Two major factors which can cause the body to age rapidly is the lack of exercise and stress. Exercise helps to keep the body in top condition. The muscles stay more flexible and strength and endurance are enhanced. Without exercise, the muscles atrophy. They breakdown and they cannot support activity for long. Stress is another key ingredient to aging. Stress can cause toxins to build up in the body. These substances cause muscle stiffness and can deprive the body of precious oxygen. If left unchecked, stress will start to show up by accelerating the aging process. Both of the elements cause unnecessary and premature aging of the body and skin.

The modern world comes at a high price. This price is stress. Everyone is under more stress. There is greater competition for everything and we have to deal with it. What happens when the body is put under stress? Our natural instinct is the fight or flight reaction. Our metabolism increases as the hands and feet are mobilized for action. Our major organs are put in a supporting role to help protect the body and get it ready for action. However, most stress we encounter is not from seeing a lion, but instead is mental pressure. This mental pressure causes the same reaction, but does not have the same release, since no real physical action is taken. This type of stress builds up toxic chemicals in the body without a way to release them out.

OK, we get to the meeting, we save the day and all is good and right in the world. Well, almost. What about the accumulated stress in our bodies? That really didn’t go anywhere did it? No it is still in our bodies. How do we get that out? Massage therapy is an effective technique to help flush out toxins. But massage therapy also helps reduce stress. Massage therapies such as shiatsu, Swedish and others have been shown to reduce stress, increase awareness and induce relaxation. These treatments are all available in the best massage chair brands today. I certainly age slower when I am relaxed then when I am stressed!

There are specific massage therapies that exactly target the stress reaction. The body is an interconnected system of relations. Certain reactions are essentially hardwired in us. Stress mobilizes the body with the fight or flight reaction. This exact process can be reversed with Reflexology massage therapy. Reflexology massage makes use of trigger points located in the hands or feet. When these points are stimulated, they have a corresponding major organ that is relaxed. Reflexology basically sends signals back to the major organ that the stress has passed and it can return to its normal operating mode. This massage technique calms the major organs and induces your entire body to relax.

When we look at the factors of the aging process, understand that they are constant. They just do not stop. Stress is not something that can be turned off. It comes when it comes. Therefore, a real anti aging treatment must be continuous to counteract these factors. Obtaining massage therapy on a regular basis is the type of treatment that helps offset these things. Many of the best massage chairs have very effective massage therapy treatments. These are some of your best tools to slow down the aging process before it hits the skin. Get your anti-aging arsenal working well before it starts to show on the surface.

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