Understanding Sun Labs Self Tanner Before And After Application

Self tanning refers to the process of using cosmetic products to mimic a suntan. This fashion sector has grown in leaps and bounds since researchers discovered links between artificial body darkening products of the time and skin cancer. Today there is a need to investigate the effects of Sun Labs Self Tanner Before And After use.

A natural approach would be sticking to a diet rich in carotene rich vegetables such as carrots and greens. Many people have pointed out the lustre of a natural tan when compared to a chemically induced one. The look will last for close to two weeks, which is better than a lotion induced tone.

Many carotenoid categories have been recognized and even manufactured in chemical laboratories. One such commercially produced compound is lycopene which has been recommended in high doses. Among its benefits are reduced incidences of cancer of the lung in smokers.[I:http://www.tweetarticle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/HaywoodHunter9.jpg]

Beta carotene has been classified as a high risk carotenoid due to its tendency to raise cancer risks. This may be offset by combining it with a considerable proportion of lycopene. It is a common additive in tanning pills, so buyers must be keen when reviewing its ingredients.

High doses of canthaxanthin are dangerous though it is classified as a safer carotenoid. Side effects may develop in users in addition to the desired browning of the skin. After metabolism, the chemical will be deposited in a fat layer immediately beneath the skin.

Take time to visit the Sun Labs Self Tanner Before And After use forums to get an idea of the quality of any products. The best cosmetic products should not forcefully dye the skin, rather they should try to induce release of dark pigments by body cells. A good number of lotions aim at chemically inducing amino acids to give off dark secretions.

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