Using Indoor Tanning

When meeting someone with a beautiful tan, there is an immediate impression of a person who is healthy and ready to take on the world. This first impression can really be meaningful when going on a first date, meeting new clients or experiencing other important things in life. This look is available with indoor tanning.[youtube:vhBTTjChPg8;[link:best self tan lotion, best sunless tanning cream];]

These beds are set up in spas, beauty shops and other locations where they are available to the general public. First introduced in 1979, this procedure has advanced a long way and is under control of the Federal Food and Drug Administration. This agency monitors safety rules, eye protection, maximum exposure time, products used and other features.

A specially constructed bed utilizes fluorescent lamps (UVC). The UVC is the same as the rays of the sun, heavy with vitamin D. As with exposure to too much sunlight, precautions are taken that a user does not suffer from sunburn. Acrylic shields are used to protect the body.[I:]

Using this manner of achieving a tan is excellent for people who are working or have limited time and do not receive much sunlight. With a 20-minute maximum per session it is easy to stop at any time, and still receive a tan. Maintaining the tan usually requires one to two sessions every week.

Realizing there is some risk when exposed to these kinds of rays, employees and customers are receiving “smart tanning” tips. These are instructions which teach how to minimize risk and maximize benefits. These indoor tans still require protection from the sun when outdoors.

It is easy to identify people with this kind of a tan. They look like they have spent a vacation in the South Seas. Indoor tanning requires special lotions for the procedure. Regular lotions will not work, and can cause damage to the machine. However, even people who have a beautiful tan must wear protection when exposed to the outdoor sun.

If you want the elegance of a year-round tan, an indoor tanning method is the best approach. You can find cheap tanning lotion by searching online.

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