What To Know Regarding Natural Black Hair Care

Natural hair of Blacks or African Americans is usually different from locks of other races. The strands grow out in a helix shape. Natural black hair care includes the many methods and products used to maintain this texture, without application of damaging supplies or products.

The helix shape in which the strands grow creates a unique texture. It looks and feels much denser than straight locks. For many years, those with afro-textured locks have used blow dryers, chemicals, flat irons, hot combs and other products and supplies for straightening purposes. These methods change the texture but are known to stunt overall growth and cause damage.

There are online websites, beauty supply companies and salon shops that offer products, techniques and tips related to styling and care. In fact, there are specific styles that are considered protective because they do not require use of harsh products or damaging supplies. Dreadlocks, afros, braids and hi-top fades are just a few examples of these styles.

A simple, but effective, way for people to care for these locks is to ensure that they remain moisturized. This is usually done by adding water and sealing that water in with products. Although water and oil are known for not mixing, many people choose to use different oils for the sealing process. Each individual will have his or her own set of preferences when it comes to products and techniques. Trial and error is the best way to find out what works best for you needs.

Be sure to take care of the ends of strands. This is what helps guarantee growth. The ends needs to stay trimmed and moisturized to prevent the occurrence of split ends and allow for growth. Eliminating or limiting the amount of chemicals and heat that are used is crucial to maintaining healthy locks. These are things that may lead to balding, drying and other problems.

A lot of people that have this texture do not wash their locks as often as some other people may. Usually this is done with the intention to keep all the natural oils in the hair. Washing the hair, especially with shampoos and conditioners that have many additives, strips the locks of their oil. Some opt for conditioner over shampoo, or homemade over store-bought products. If the locks are washed too often, they can lead to dry strands and scalp.

The texture is known for being curly and coarse, and in some cases, dry. Because of this, it is recommended that individuals with long locks do not use accessories, such as pins and ties, or combs and brushes that will pull strands out. It is an old tradition for black men and women to wear a silk or satin scarf or use a pillowcase of the same materials for sleeping at night. This help prevent strands from being pulled out during sleep.

Internal maintenance of the body is just as important as what is done to the exterior self. Individuals should drink a lot of water and eat healthy. These choices will reflect in the outer appearance. A balanced diet and proper intake of water helps hair grow, and stay healthy and strong. Natural black hair care may require more time and effort, but it is a good way to ensure healthy locks.

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