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Fair skinned people have always had difficulty tanning naturally. If you are one of them and have longed to have beautifully tanned skin, then Mystic Tan is your answer. It a new spray system developed that’s takes approximately 60 seconds. So in no time at all you can have the tan you have always dreamed about.

There are 3 options to choose from and each one will determine the type or level of tan you get. The option you choose must depend on your skin type, size and the type of effect you want to get out of the tan. There are other things you need to do as well, before even commencing with the Mystic Tan session.

Aside from the obvious exfoliation, you will also need to moisturize your skin. According to experts and previous clients, well moisturized skin delivers much better results with Mystic Tan. The moisturizer would need to be water based as it will allow your tan to last longer.

There are three key ingredients used in the Mystic Tan solution. The first is aloe Vera, this has a calming effect on the skin and will also cool it down. The other is the bronzer, which is also a water based dye that gives you that bronze effect. The DHA component used is the ingredient that also helps you to tan, and continues to work for up to 24 hours after the tanning session has ended. It will eventually enhance the effect of the tan or make it darker.

You are not obligated to wear anything during the Mystic Tan process. Everything take places in a very private booth, so most clients usually don’t wear anything. If you would prefer to wear something, then be prepared to throw it away afterwards. The first session uses water soluble components so it most probably wont stain your clothes, however, there is a possibility it will, depending on the fabric.

You are most welcome to use other types of tanning along with the Mystic Tan procedure. You can use the sun bed or even have the natural sun tanning procedure if you want. Each of them don’t affect each other and it is actually advised to have all three of them in a short space of time. Clients have stated they noticed a better effect with it.

Before allowing any water to touch your body, you will need to wait the recommended 4 hours. This is so that the solutions can have the chance to seep into the skin properly. After showering, you will notice the bronzer from the Mystic Tan solution rinsing off, but don’t be alarmed as this is just the water soluble ingredients and the DHA will continue to work long afterwards.

Mystic Tan is the best way to get a beautifully bronze looking skin. If you have had a hard time tanning before and want to try something new, easy and innovative, this is the system for you. Try it out today and turn heads tomorrow.

You will find tips on how to get the perfect mystic tan and a summary of the reasons why you should use Sun Labs’ Ultra Dark airbrush tanning spray, now.

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