Why A Face Sun Cream Is Essential

In the distant past it was highly undesirable to have a face browned by the sun. Tanned skin was a sign that you spent a lot of time outside and that you were probably a peasant or from the lower classes. If you were someone of higher status, your skin had to be flawless and pale. Coco Chanel, the French fashion designer, first made a suntan fashionable in the early decades of the twentieth century. However, fashion can be bad for your health and it’s best to wear a face sun cream every day.

You need a little bit of sun exposure for your skin to produce the vitamin D that your body needs for good bone health. The problem is that too much exposure can cause your skin to age more quickly. More serious is the increased risk of skin cancer. Some of the highest rates of skin cancer occur in countries like Australia and South Africa, where people of European descent are more at risk because of the sunny climate and closer proximity to the deteriorating ozone layer.

The culprits are ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. There are two types. UVA rays affect the collagen levels in your skin and causes it to become less elastic, giving it a saggy, wrinkled appearance. UVB rays don’t penetrate your skin as deeply as UVA rays, but they cause more serious damage. These are the rays that turn your skin brown or, if you’re exposed to them for too long, to burn or even blister your epidermis. They also cause cancer of the skin. The best way to protect yourself is through a broad-spectrum sunscreen.[I:http://www.tweetarticle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/VeronicaCappelletti8.jpg]

To protect your face, it’s better to use a sunscreen that has been formulated for facial skin specifically. This is because your facial skin is oilier and doesn’t react well to the richer creams you use on your body. Facial sunscreens are lighter and often better for sensitive skin too.

It’s best to use a specially formulated facial sunblock that you can apply as part of your daily beauty routine. Apply it after you’ve applied moisturizer and about 30 minutes before you will be exposed to sunlight. You’ll need at least a quarter of a teaspoonful to ensure adequate protection. Keep reapplying it throughout the day.

There are some other points to remember as well to reduce exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays are stronger between about ten o’clock in the morning and two o’clock in the afternoon, so this is a good time to stay indoors. If you have to go outside, wear a hat with a wide brim. Also remember that at higher elevations or where there are reflective surfaces like water or snow, the risk of damage by ultraviolet rays is higher.

Many people don’t like having pale skin because it makes them look unhealthy. However, you don’t need to risk skin damage to get that healthy glow. Cosmetics like bronzing creams or powders provide instant results while self-tanning products give longer-lasting results.

You may want to try out various face sun creams before deciding on the one you like best. There is such a huge variety that you will find one that suits your pocket and your skin. Taking two minutes extra every day to apply the product will save you much agony in the long run.

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