Why are There So Many Wrinkle Creams?

If you keep your eyes on the magazines or print ads you might notice that every day there seems to be a new wrinkle cream being advertised, each promising a “miracle breakthrough in anti-wrinkle” care, or some type of wording that’s very similar.

What can you believe? Is it really possible that dermatologists are making amazing breakthroughs day in and day out? What makes this weeks model so much better than last weeks miracle product? Most importantly, do you really need to buy each and every new wrinkle treatment that comes out; how much of this is just hype?

While it is certainly true that advances are made from time to time in wrinkle treatment and there are products that are far superior to earlier ones or have new ingredients which can be effective, not all of these claims can be true. By the same token, one shouldnt discount every claim made either.

Sometimes a new wrinkle cream arrives that actually does what is claimed. The more research that is done on wrinkles, the more we understand why they appear and how to treat them. We know which ingredients work the best on minimizing or covering them.

However, skepticism is healthy in a market where so many new products are constantly arriving, each promising to be the best thing yet. There are only so many scientific breakthroughs in a given time period; many of these claims are simply marketing hype on behalf of the manufacturers. When you hear claims that sound too good to be true, guess what? They almost certainly are. Beware of products which claim to make you appear a decade younger instantly and similar statements.

There really can be no miracle creams like this, as creams just aren’t strong enough to actually erase deep wrinkles from your face or reverse years of aging in just a few applications. As a matter of fact, virtually every new wrinkle cream on the market is just like the old ones, with perhaps one or two small changes. And sometimes there are no changes at all, except to the label!

No matter what claims you hear about newly developed wrinkle creams, you will want one for your individual skin type. Your skin might not be right for this newest cream or it might not address your problem areas or it might be too drying, too oily or unsuitable in another way.

Particularly if your sin is the more sensitive sort, you may not want to be switching to new wrinkle creams each week; the change can further irritate your delicate skin. You may experience breakouts, itching or dry skin, leaving you worse off than when you started.

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