Why People Are Choosing Paraben Free Skin Care Products

The demand for paraben free skin care products has experienced an increase recently. These compounds are chemical groups that are used widely as preservative in cosmetic items and in medicines. Another primary use of these compounds are for the antibacterial and fungicidal properties that it posses.

These compounds are used as components for shampoos and body moisturizers. These are also used in shaving creams and personal lubrications. The compounds are also common components of parenteral medicines, tanning solutions, toothpaste, deodorants, and makeup. As a preservative, these are also utilized not only in beauty creams but also in food products.

The wide use of these compounds are rooted from the effectiveness it has shown as a preservative and being a cheap alternative for other compounds. Despite the usefulness of these chemicals, it has encountered controversy when studies of cancer cells revealed that parabens are one component of the tumor cells found in breast cancer cells. Several studies also showed that it can imitate the assets of the estrogen hormone that could lead to hasten the development of cancer cells.

Most of these preservatives are occurring naturally in plants. The numerous studies that have been made on the different effects of these chemicals in rodents showed that it is not toxic. It has also been found to be absorbed, metabolized, and excreted fully at a very rapid pace.

The normal skin users of the cosmetic and medicinal items with paraben as a component have encountered no negative effects during their use. However, if the user has allergic reactions, they are likely to experience irritation and rosacea on their skin on usage. There is also a chance of experiencing contact dermatitis as another side effect.

Other negative effects of this component is the suggested effect it has on the aging of the skin and possible DNA damage of the skin which has received topical treatment from products that contain paraben. However, there is absence of evidence that can support these claims. Thus, there is no change in the set limits of the usage of these preservatives.

Because of the controversy on the regulation, scientific debates ensued. There are also additional researches that discuss the possible effects of the chemicals in inducing cancer and increasing the production of estrogen in the body. The researchers are also focused on the effects after a long term and frequent usage of the cosmetics and medicines that contain paraben.

However, manufacturers of items that contain these agents still insist there is no study that provides a definite result to close the debate. They still argue there have been no actual cases that clearly show that these agents are the main cause of the illness incurred by the user. There are also studies that support their claim on the helpfulness of the products with preservatives.

To protect them, a clamor from the customers that additional studies are made to provide results that could help resolve the issues. Some customers are also beginning to look for cosmetic and medicinal items that do not include parabens. This is not hard to accomplish since there are companies that are starting to produce paraben free skin care products for their customers.

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