A guide to Europe’s tax havens


The Haven
Guernsey and Jersey have supplemented falling tourist numbers with tax
incentives and a boom in discreet financial services.

What does it offer?
Both offer a comparatively low 20 per cent income tax for residents, no
inheritance tax and no CGT. Non-doms can negotiate how much of their income
the taxman can get his hands on. Trusts, IBCs and limited partnerships

Who wins?
The world?s super-rich are estimated to have £247bn of assets in Jersey.
Property owners include the former Formula One champion Nigel Mansell.


The Haven
A self-governing Crown Dependency which is able to levy its own taxes. It is
increasingly popular with US-based and online gambling companies.

What does it offer?
Zero corporate tax rate, a £100,000 cap on taxable income and no CGT, stamp
duties or death duties. VAT on income tax, but the latter is kept at a low
maximum rate by a government committed to keeping to a zero-tax strategy.

Who wins?
John Whittaker, the owner of Liverpool?s John Lennon airport, and PokerStars,
the internet gambling site.


The Haven
An independent relic of the Holy Roman Empire, the tiny Alpine monarchy has
used its reputation for banking secrecy to create assets worth at least

What does it offer?
Comparatively low business taxes (a maximum of 18 per cent), a basic personal
income tax rate of 1.2 per cent and absolute financial discretion. Banks and
?discreet? financial services account for 14.3 per cent of the workforce.

Who wins?
5,000 businesses in a country with 35,000 residents. At least 100 British
residents are avoiding £100m taxes according to HMRC. The late Robert
Maxwell was one.


The Haven
The second smallest independent state in the world with an estimated GDP of
£450m, it thrives off its gambling, tourist and financial firms.

What does it offer?
For those rich enough to win resident status, no personal income tax or CGT
combined with a strong record for banking secrecy and non-cooperation with
European countries who want to find out who avoids taxes there.

Who wins?
The former Beatle Ringo Starr, the actor Sir Roger Moore, and Tina Green,
wife of the retail billionaire Philip Green.


The Haven
Switzerland?s cantons have been able to levy their own tax system for
foreigners. Competition between cantons has kept incentives high.

What does it offer?
The former Beatle Ringo Starr, the actor Sir Roger Moore, and Tina Green,
wife of the retail billionaire Philip Green.

Who wins?
The Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, the musician Phil Collins, the
Wimbledon champion Boris Becker and the singer Tina Turner.

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