BBC publishes bosses’ pay and expenses

Author: By Sam Marsden, Press Association

Nearly 3,000 separate claims made by the corporation’s 107 top “decision-makers”
between April and June this year were posted on its website.

They include for the first time expenses incurred through the BBC’s central
booking system.

The BBC said it had “gone beyond any other public body” in
organising the data.

Caroline Thomson, the corporation’s chief operating officer, said: “Today’s
quarterly disclosure is a significant move for the BBC in our continued
commitment to achieving ever greater openness and transparency to the public
who pay for the BBC.

“Today’s launch is a direct response to the public, who have indicated
that they would like more information about how the BBC is run in a way
which marks a step change in openness, simplicity and accountability.

“We are meeting the spirit as well as the letter of the law.”

The corporation said about 1 per cent of the information about expenses
released today was blanked out because it was personal or

In June the BBC published the salaries of its 50 top-earning managers, and
revealed that its executives claimed more than £350,000 in expenses between
2004 and 2009.

The newly-released information can be found at

BBC1 controller Jay Hunt, who is on a total pay package of £272,800, claimed
nearly £30 for a bottle of spirits and almost £90 for flowers, her expenses

On May 15 she spent £29.74 on the bottle of alcohol and £36.49 on flowers.

Two days earlier she had spent another £52.94 on flowers.

Ms Hunt also spent £344.25 on hospitality at the Royal Television Society
Programme Awards in March.

Alan Yentob, the BBC’s creative director, claimed £3,211.70 for a return
flight to New York in June.

He also incurred £674.19 in taxi fares in April alone, his expenses claims

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