Britain ‘ready’ to send more troops to Afghanistan

Author: By Andy Philip, Press Association

David Miliband told delegates at the Nato Parliamentary Assembly that Britain
would be “ready” to send more troops as part of an agreed strategy.

He said: “I, as much as anyone else, want to bring our troops back home to

“But we cannot leave a vacuum which the Taliban will quickly fill, and under
their umbrella, Al Qaida quickly follow.

“Counter-terrorism may deal with symptoms, it brings short-term success.

“But only a comprehensive strategy can deal with the causes and ensure that
when we leave, we do so knowing that we will not have to return.”

In his address to the assembly in Edinburgh, Mr Miliband concentrated on
Nato’s presence in Afghanistan.

He called for “political uplift” and backed calls for “burden-sharing”.

Mr Miliband said: “We support the prosecution of a serious counter insurgency
effort in Afghanistan.

“We do not see that as an alternative to counter-terrorism but as the best
means to achieve it.

“And we are ready in the right conditions to raise our already high
contribution on the basis of an agreed strategy.”

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