Commons officials given big pay rises

Author: By Tom Peck

Accounts released yesterday show that the Clerk to the House, Malcolm Jack,
received a pay rise of about 11 per cent, taking his salary from £175,000 to £195,000
? more than that received by the Prime Minister.

Mr Jack, who enjoys the use of a grace-and-favour property, also received an
increase of benefits in kind, from £20,000 to £25,000. He was in
charge of the officials who were attacked for failing to enforce the rules
when paying out generous parliamentary expenses, prompting Gordon Brown to
criticise the ?gentlemen?s club? arrangements.

Andrew Walker, who ran the Fees Office, which administered the expenses,
received a rise of about 8 per cent, taking his salary into the
£125,000-£130,000 band. Joan Miller, the head of information technology,
was awarded the biggest rise, from £95,000 to £110,000 ? up 15 per

A senior pay panel reportedly approved the pay rises as others in the public
sector see their annual salary rises restricted to about 2 per cent. It is
unclear whether the rises were agreed under the Commons speaker Michael
Martin, who stepped down after the expenses row, or more recently.

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