Dr Ann Dally

Ann Dally was found guilty of serious professional misconduct in 1983, as a consequence of prescribing large quantities of drugs of addiction and dependence otherwise than in the course of bona fide treatment. She was admonished, an outcome that took into account “the many references received and representations made” on her behalf.

Dally was again found guilty of serious professional misconduct in 1987, as a consequence of issuing numerous prescriptions for controlled drugs in an irresponsible manner. A requirement was temporarily on Dally’s registration that she should not prescribe or possess controlled drugs. She appealed to the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords but the appeal was dismissed.

The restriction was lifted in November 1988 and Dally remained a fully registered practitioner until her death.

The GMC’s statutory purpose is to “protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public”. We are an independent regulator. We investigate complaints against doctors dispassionately and deal with them as we are directed to do by law.

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