Durban nudist resort is ‘naked racism’

Author: By Karen MacGregor in Durban

A recently opened whites-only nudist resort on South Africa’s east coast has been ordered to admit black people or face legal action in what the Human Rights Commission believes is a case of “naked racism” in a land that banished discrimination a decade ago.

But Jane’s Jungle outside the town of Mtunzini, KwaZulu-Natal – set in sub-tropical splendour and surrounded by dense forest through which whites (but nobody else) can frolic buck-naked – is fighting back.

The camp’s opening caused hardly a murmur among the local community – but the “whites only” sign smacked of apartheid and made the resort a target of complaint.

The HRC remains adamant that racial discrimination, outlawed in the constitution, is involved. In a letter to Jane’s Jungle the HRC’s KwaZulu-Natal co-ordinator, Karen Stone, wrote: “You have stated that your resort … is for whites only”. This is “discriminating on the basis of race”.

On behalf of the resort’s owner, known only as Jane, South Africa’s naturist pioneer, Beau Brummel, fired off a memo to the commission. “From my experience, multi-racial nudism produced an atmosphere of conflict and anger among the different races. It simply does not work in South Africa.” Jane insists that she is not a racist, merely cautious.

On Thursday, Ms Stone gave the resort seven days in which to abide by the constitution and admit black people, or the HRC will take the case to court.

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