G20 death file passed to prosecutors

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The newspaper seller died minutes after he was hit with a baton and pushed to
the ground by an officer policing the City of London protest.

Solicitors at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will now consider whether
the territorial support group officer should be prosecuted.

The criminal investigation focused on the actions of the officer after video
emerged of him striking Mr Tomlinson in Royal Exchange Passage on April 1.

A second inquiry into the complaints made by Mr Tomlinson’s family, including
a complaint about a media statement, is ongoing.

A spokesman said: “The IPCC has completed the criminal investigation into
the actions of the officer seen to be in contact with Ian Tomlinson in Royal
Exchange Passage before his death and a file of evidence has now been passed
to the CPS.”

Files of evidence on two other alleged assaults by police officers have also
been passed to the CPS.

The first focused on an incident in which protester Nicola Fisher was hit with
a baton and slapped by a territorial support group sergeant on April 2.

The alleged assault, which took place during a vigil for Mr Tomlinson outside
the Bank of England, was captured by an amateur cameraman.

The second inquiry followed an allegation that a woman was assaulted by the
same officer while held in an alleyway connecting Bishopsgate and Great St

Deborah Glass, of the IPCC, said: “This investigation is one of the
largest ever undertaken by the IPCC and it has been the subject of huge
public scrutiny.

“Our investigators have worked tirelessly to complete this large and
complex investigation as quickly and efficiently as possible and we will now
wait for the CPS’s decision as to whether a prosecution will be brought.

“We have had a remarkable response from the public and I would like to
thank those people who have contacted us for all their help.

“Much of the video evidence we have passed to the CPS was collected by
members of the public on cameras or mobile phones.”

The probe into Mr Tomlinson’s death is at the centre of several inquiries
sparked by two days of demonstrations in the City during the meeting of
world leaders.

The 47-year-old clashed with lines of officers as he attempted to walk home
through the City from Temple Tube station.

He collapsed and officers said they were pelted with litter as they tried to
help him. A post-mortem examination found he died of a heart attack.

But an amateur video emerged several days later which showed Mr Tomlinson
being struck and pushed to the ground as a line of officers followed him
down a street.

A second post-mortem found he died of abdominal bleeding. A third set of
tests, carried out on behalf of the officer, has not been made public.

A series of public reports has since attacked wider police tactics during the
protests, including the controversial practice of penning people in.

The IPCC said more than 40 investigators and other members of staff from all
over Britain have been involved in the case.

More than 190 premises were visited during a search for CCTV of the incident
and footage was recovered from more than 220 cameras.

About 1,200 hours of video footage, including evidence shot from a police
helicopter and by protesters, has also been reviewed.

Statements were taken from 193 members of the public and evidence collected
from police officers, civilian staff and medical experts.

Forty-two people called a dedicated witness phone line, several providing
important information.

The IPCC employed several outside experts, including organisations
specialising in computerised scene reconstruction, video enhancement and
forensic testing.

A specialist team also trawled the internet for associated footage and
messages were posted on YouTube asking owners of useful footage to contact
the IPCC.

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