Gordon Brown told to jazz up his image

Author: Press Association

His comments came after a stinging attack from former Home Secretary Charles
Clarke who called on the premier to quit for “his own dignity”.

Lord Mandelson told the Daily Mail: “I wish he would show in public the light
side of him that he shares with us in private.

“Ideally, would he be a politician who’s up for public relations and
razzmatazz alongside his serious side and his devotion to getting policies
right? Well, ideally, yes.”

He said that Labour needed to “get our campaigning act together better than we
have done in the past year”.

As the underdog, the party must “bark back and bark loudly”, he added.

Lord Mandelson also admitted that “a handful” of MPs would “never be
reconciled” with Gordon Brown’s leadership.

Yesterday the Prime Minister was forced to brush off Mr Clarke’s acerbic
comments and speculation that he may quit on health grounds.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I am healthy and I am very fit. I run a lot to keep
fit and I will continue to keep fit.

“I keep going. I have got a job to do. I have got work to do. We have got to
meet this challenge.”

Chancellor Alistair Darling publicly defended his leadership, telling The
Spectator: “I’ve really got no time for people who say ‘if only there was
someone else, it’d be all right’. That’s bollocks, you know.”

The war of words began when Mr Clarke told the London Evening Standard that he
hoped rumours Mr Brown would quit would come true.

“I don’t think Gordon will lead Labour into the next election,” he said.

“I think his own dignity ought to look to that kind of solution.”

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