How To Use Article Marketing

By Duane

Article marketing and website promotion is very important to any internet business in today’s markets. Article marketing has been proven to increase search engine rankings, and building a loyal user base.

But how do people build a loyal user base by submitting articles?

Answer: If you choose to become an author and write good articles that people can relate to and learn from; you will gain a users confidence in you. This is where people will check out the services you offer by clicking on the links in your bio or at the footer of the article or articles you’ve written.

Ok, Ok, so I write articles and gain a user base… That easy?

Answer: Not always. Remember many people when they have a problem with there computer for instance go to there favorite search engines and do a search and end up on a site like possibly a forum that specializes in that field or even articles pertaining to the problem. Many authors try to just sell, sell, sell and not provide good information that people would really find useful thus there efforts are basically in vain except for the backlinks produced. If your an author and just try to sell, sell, sell, the readers will view the article as an advertisement and not find interest in the content your writing and thus your sticking your foot in your mouth.

Ok what about affiliate marketing and using articles to gain exposure to my affiliate links?

Answer: 1st off I can’t emphasize this any more. Do not ever put a affiliate url in your bio or in the footer or body of a article. It’s a great way to get your account band by the article directory your submitting the article to. Instead create a folder or page or just use a single domain to host the affiliate link or links. If you choose to mask the urls is up to you. I’m not going to go into that here because this article is on the basics. I’ll write more later about article marketing and using affiliate marketing soon.

How hard is it to write articles?
Just find good areas that you are familiarized in. I have a degree in forestry but I don’t think people would be interested in reading about different types of trees lol. So try to write in areas that people in that niche are going to be familiarized with and go with it. Real soon you’ll find that you have already gotten the requirements of the article directory to submit to.

So what about the title of the article? I hear it’s really important!

Answer: yes the title is very important. This is how you can easily find all the search engines that have listed the article and get stats. Also you’ll be able to see all the article directories that you have submitted your article to have accepted it. The more interesting you can make the title the better audience you will get to read it.

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