Independent launches Newzdog widget

the Newzdog widget here

The widget is a simple and easy to use desktop alert notification system
enabling you to receive news and information that is only relevant to you.
It enables users to log searches on their favourite topics so that when news
on that topic is published by The Independent, they are instantly notified.

To use the widget, an Independent reader instals the widget and searches for
topics of interest, and saves those topics if they are interested in
receiving further updates. Once installed, the user can minimise it so it
sits in the system tray as a yellow star. When a story is published of
relevance to the search, a small pop-up window will alert the user, and the
star turns red. To read the story, the user simply clicks on the star and
the story emerges in a Newzdog page ? with all links and video fully

Users can add as many alerts as they like, effectively designing their own
news service, so if a user wants to know about diverse subjects such as
Harry Potter, Manchester United and Barack Obama, they can set up news
alerts for all three and be alerted the instant articles are published

Welcoming the new service, Jimmy Leach, editorial director for digital at the
Independent said: ?This is a great way for users to make sure they know
what?s going on in their areas of interest. Users often have topics they
want or need to be kept in the loop about quickly, so this will be an
excellent way of them creating their own mini-news service?

Steve Morris of Newzdog added: “We see the Independent Newzdog widget as
a way of getting your own personal online version of the Independent where
you only receive news stories on subjects you are interested in and be
alerted to these news stories as soon as they break.”

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