Jamie Archer: ‘X Factor depressed me’

Author: PA

The 34-year-old pub singer from London, voted out on Sunday night after a
sing-off with Lloyd Daniels, said he realised the show was not right for him
and made him lose confidence in his abilities.

Jamie – known as Jamie Afro because of his distinctive hairdo – found it
difficult to get to grips with the song choices and realised his “journey
had come to an end”.

He said: “It was really demoralising for me, because it made me feel like
‘Is it me? Am I being difficult? No-one knows what to do with me – maybe
there just aren’t any songs?’ but I just got on with it really.”

He dismissed suggestions that he had planned to quit the show, following
disagreements with mentor Simon Cowell over song choices.

“I didn’t say I was leaving, I just said ‘Maybe it’s the wrong show for
me’. It was after we did Unchained Melody and we tried it, and I had to
change my song last minute.

“I said at this point ‘Maybe this show isn’t really the right show for me
because we keep having to change my song, which means we quite clearly don’t
know what to do with me’.”

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