Labour ‘underdogs’ will win, says Mandelson

Author: By Trevor Mason, Press Association

In a keynote conference speech, Mr Mandelson acknowledged the election was not
“cut and dried” and still “up for grabs”.

“We may be the underdogs,” he told conference delegates. “But if we show the
British people that we have not lost the fighting spirit and appetite for
change … then we can win and will win.”

He said the real choice facing voters was between the “experience and change”
of Gordon Brown’s leadership or “the shallowness of David Cameron”.

Lord Mandelson said Labour needed to “fightback” and think “like insurgents,
not incumbents”.

Insisting next year’s poll would be a “change election,” he said the party
should celebrate its past achievements.

But he also warned that parties won elections “on the future, not the past,”
adding: “Do not make the mistake of sitting back and expecting people to be

“Just as we fight against a Conservative party that is still steeped in the
old Tory attitudes of the 1980s, we must not allow ourselves to fall into
old Labour thinking.

“The British people have their eyes on the future and so must we.”

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