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This is the conclusion of a report published today by the think-tank, the
Higher Education Policy Institute, which finds that Oxbridge is unmatched
when it comes to the ability of its students and the achievement of its
graduates.It clearly produces many of the leaders in society as evidenced by
the number of graduates in Who’s Who and the number of professors who have
been to Oxbridge. We should not be surprised because the universities have a
significantly higher income than other institutions.

There is, however, some evidence that the ancient universities admit more
independent pupils than is warranted. Given this, HEPI calls for Oxford and
Cambridge to take a leaf out of the book of American universities such as
Harvard and Princeton and make a conscious policy decision to seek out the
best social and ethnic mix they can. The fact that so many of its graduates
take on leadership positions means that it is already in the business of
social engineering. It should accept this fact and try to do good with it.

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