Leaked CEO conversation suggests electricity revolution coming

Author: By Pat Pilcher

Whilst you’d be forgiven for thinking that a leaked phone conversation on the
internet was merely yawn worthy, this particular conversation saw eeStore
CEO, Weir confirming that they are mere months away from launching an uber
capacitor which is an electrical component that would fully charge up in
minutes yet hold enough juice to power electronic gadgets for days.

Should this leaked conversation be something more than a cleverly orchestrated
PR stunt, and EEStor’s invention actually work, the implications are nothing
short of revolutionary.

Electric cars could finally become a viable option. Photovoltaic solar cells
and wind turbines could store their own energy, reducing global dependence
on less clean forms of energy and most importantly giving us notebook PCs
and iPods that charge in seconds but run for days.

If this all sounds more than a little Buck Rogers, there has been some
independent corroboration of eeStor’s claims.

In May ZENN Motor Company (who hold exclusive rights to the eestor capacitor
system for vehicles under 1,400kg) confirmed that their own independent
testing verified that EEStor’s capacitors were on track to performing as
promised. This said, eeStor’s claims have also attracted scepticism from
capacitor experts and to date no uuber capacitor prototypes have been
publicly tested.

The leaked conversation delves into the ins and outs of building capacitors in
excruciating detail.

The leaked conversation even alludes to a involvement with military
contractors Lockheed Martin. Weir also confirms that pre-production
prototypes of what he calls an electrical energy storage unit (EESU) could
be revealed as soon as the end of this year.

EEStor is not the first company to claim it’s about to revolutionise energy
generation or storage, with Steorn announcing in 2006 that they’d
circumvented the law of conservation of energy with its “Orb”
generator to produce clean, free and constant power.

After a botched demonstration in 2007 where Steorn blamed heat from the camera
lights for the failure, Steorn has yet to deliver any free energy. Will
EEStor come up with the goods? Only time will tell.

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