MPs receive new £9,000 expenses deal on the quiet

Author: By Kunal Dutta

The allowance of £25-a-night is disclosed in the new parliamentary Green Book
? which sets out expense rules ? issued to MPs on 13 July. It would, in
theory entitle MPs to £725 a month if every night was spent away from their
main home. Previously, MPs could claim up to £400 a month without receipts
for food. According to the Daily Telegraph, MPs will simply have to state
how many nights they have spent away from their main home “on
parliamentary business” to receive the flat-rate sum. It said the sum
would be paid on top of mortgage interest, rent, council tax and utility

The rules are thought to have been agreed by a committee of MPs, chaired by
Speaker John Bercow and including Commons Leader Harriet Harman and her Tory
shadow Alan Duncan, which approved the rule without any debate before the
summer recess.

The Green Book is usually revised every few years, although a special edition
has been produced following the expenses scandal. It follows high-profile
announcements by Parliament on the scrapping of expense claims for
furnishings, along with a requirement of receipts for everything claimed.

The House of Commons, the Labour Party and the Tories were not available for
comment last night.

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