My secret life: Henry Holland

Author: Interview by Charlotte Philby

When I was a child I wanted to be ? I suppose I was heading
towards something to do with fashion, but didn?t know what. From the age of
three I?d tell my mum what to wear.

The moment that changed me for ever ? was moving to London. I?d
just turned 18 and it gave me insomnia for a short while. My eyes were
opened to what is possible.

My greatest inspiration ? is my mum. A classic gay-man answer!

If I could change one thing about myself ? I?d have a bigger
head. It?s really small, which is why I have big haircuts. I shaved my hair
off once when I was 12 and looked like I had a key on top of big shoulders.

My real-life villain ? is the taxman.

At night I dream of ? stress dreams. I used to email a synopsis
of my panic dreams to [the founder of Fashion East] Lulu Kennedy every
morning during Fashion Week.

What I see when I look in the mirror ? Laughter lines and

My style icon ? is my little sister, Alice. She?s 13 and has the
same haircut as 15 of her friends. They wear anything slutty: short,
revealing, tight things are quite popular. They?re really cool.

The shop I can?t walk past ? is Pret a Manger. I can?t
resist their white Americano.I have between two and four a day.

I ride ? the Tube, and I got a night-bus home the other night.

I wish I?d never worn ? a leotard. I used to be a gymnast,
and had a variety: neon, velvet and for competitions, a black and red one
with matching shorts and tracksuit.

The best invention ever ? is a sleeping bag with separate legs in
it. I?m not big into camping, and the past few festivals I?ve been to I?ve
stayed in a Winnebago, but I?d like to walk up and down the aisle of a
Winnebago in a sleeping bag with separate legs.

My favourite item of clothing ? At the moment, my black and white
brogues from Church?s.

You wouldn?t know it but I?m very good at ? hula-hoop
on the Nintendo Wii.

You may not know it but I?m no good at ? stopping talking,
which gets me in situations. When I get nervous it?s the worst, and that?s
when I should shut up. I tell people things I shouldn?t, just to make them
like me.

If I have time to myself ? I would like to sleep. I love
long-haul flights as no one can expect to get hold of me.

All my money goes on ? drinking.

My house is ? tiny and has been ?being decorated? since I moved
here, five years ago. I just finished the kitchen and bathroom, but the
walls still aren?t painted. There are random strokes of colour all over the

My most valuable possession is ? my Blackberry. My mum lives in
France and it?s my lifeline to her. I need constant contact with the outside
world; I get panicky without it. I?m very needy like that.

My favourite building ? is the Pacific Design Center in Los
Angeles. It?s made from blue, red and green reflective glass.

Movie heaven ? is trashy films. I?m not very highbrow like that.
One of my favourite films ever is ?How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?.

A book that changed me ? is one about cosmic ordering that my mum
got for me; it?s about controlling your own destiny. My mum writes ?every
penny I spend comes back to me tenfold? on the back of every cheque she
uses. She swears it works. She?s a bit of a hippie.

My favourite work of art ? is a picture of me that my niece drew;
it?s on the wall in my house.The person who really makes me laugh ? is
Agyness [Deyn]; the way she trots around just makes me laugh.

The last album I bought/downloaded ? was Girls Aloud?s ?Out of
Control?. I love them.

My greatest regret ? I don?t have any. People should just learn
from their mistakes.

In 10 years? time, I hope to be ? retired.

My life in six words ? work, play, family, friends, fun, bread.

A life in brief

Born on 26 May 1983 in Lancashire, Henry Holland was working on the teen
magazine Bliss when he produced a collection of T-shirts, bearing cheeky,
fashion-related logos like ?I?ll show you who?s boss Kate Moss?, and shot to
fame alongside his childhood friend, the supermodel Agyness Deyn. The
founder of House of Holland, he now lives in Primrose Hill, north London. He
has joined forces with hand bag essential Wrigley’s Extra to create two
special-edition Extra Big One packs of gum available from WH Smith Travel
and Sainsbury?s Local

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