My Week: Natascha Stolle, Designer

We stay late checking buttons, embellishing the shoes, and casting the models.
Finally I’m beginning to see what the collection is actually going to look
like on the catwalk. After everyone else has gone home, I sleep in a
sleeping bag on the floor for two hours. It is pretty grim.


I get up at 6.30 and feel really nervous. I like having some time by myself to
think before everyone else arrives. I’m particularly worried about leaving
something behind at the studio, so I make lists. My assistant comes at 8am
and we pack everything, and go to the venue, which is Quaglino’s restaurant
in Mayfair. When we arrive, I feel quite overwhelmed. The hair and make-up
people are already here.

I have decided that the models’ hair should be slicked down on the top, and
loose at the back. The make-up is like a provincial Goth’s: pale faces and
drawn-on eyebrows. The show starts at 2pm. I’ve chosen music that’s rocky
and a bit silly: Kiss’s “I Was Made for Loving You” and “Barracuda”
by Heart. My friends and family come backstage, and after the show I just go
home to my house in Herne Hill, and I spend the rest of the afternoon alone.
I go to bed at about 6pm.


I wake up late, and spend the whole day on the couch. I send some flowers to
the hair and make-up people and get my boyfriend to bring me food while I
Google myself, looking at reviews. The cat doesn’t recognise me because I
haven’t been home in such a long time ? he hisses at me.


I go to the studio early because a buyer from Brown’s boutique is coming at
11am to look at my collection. The appointment goes well ? she likes the
tailoring, although she does say it’s a difficult season. Next week I’ll go
to Paris Fashion Week to see more buyers ? from the American stores Bergdorf
Goodman, Saks and Henri Bendel. I spend the rest of day just arranging stuff
for the Paris trip, reading reviews and feedback.


I’m back in the studio, which I share with two other designers. One of them,
Louise Markey, helped me with my collection ? so now I’m helping her with
hers. I feel that I can’t tell how my show went until I see all the buyers.
It’s one thing hearing positive comments from your friends ? it’s another
thing having real orders in your book. They tell the truth.

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