Pandora: Charge much less or be speechless

Author: By Alice-Azania Jarvis

Further to my story last week that the former deputy prime minister had
received a pay increase thanks to his BBC documentary Prescott: The Class
System And Me, I hear that other regulars at the agency Prezza uses are
about to see their salaries move in quite the opposite direction.

Jeremy Lee, the chief executive of JLA, which books speakers, tells me he is
keen to cut his clients hefty fees to bring them into line with the state of
the economy. “We are keen that everybody wakes up ? and that we are
seen to be doing so,” he says. JLA’s celebs currently command up to
£25,000 for one appearance, making the practice popular with leading figures
in showbusiness, sport and politics. The agency’s list of clients includes
such political luminaries as Alastair Campbell and William Hague, and the
actor Kevin Spacey, pictured.

But the days of megabucks earnings are drawing to a close, says Mr Lee. He
claims the company will be conducting a pay review at the end of the month
with an eye to making their famous clients available at more competitive

“Our budget is tightening and almost every speaker will be more flexible,”
he adds.

A brighter Tamara for Ecclestones

Some good news has arrived from the Ecclestone family: Tamara has landed her
first major modelling contract.

The eldest daughter of the Formula One tycoon, Bernie Ecclestone, is to be
unveiled as the new face of the Mayfair jewellery brand, Moussaieff. “I’m
going to star in their new campaign,” she told me at a cocktail party. “It’s
a huge honour.”

It is the first big signing for the brunette, whose attempts to make it in the
fashion world have until now been limited: a shoot for the lads’ mag FHM and
a similarly scantily-clad campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of

The heiress, 23, also insists the furore surrounding her parents’ divorce,
which could be one of the most expensive of all time, has not dampened her
spirits. “If two people are lucky enough to be married for a really
long time, that in itself is great,” she says.

Film icons’ snaps snapped up

One person who isn’t feeling the pinch this Christmas is the boisterous
restaurateur Marco Pierre White.

Pandora spotted the Hell’s Kitchen star perusing the artworks on display at a
private viewing at Chelsea’s Little Black Gallery. I’m told he splashed out
on several portraits by the photographer Terry O’Neill, including a
black-and-white shot of a young Paul Newman, as well as Frank Sinatra and
Brigitte Bardot, each priced at about £2,000.

No doubt the gesture was appreciated. The boutique gallery, opened recently by
the socialite Tamara Beckwith, faces stiff competition, with Charles
Saatchi’s new Sloane Square showroom just around the corner.

Why no-frills Games can be a thrill

Ever since Beijing hosted the eye-wateringly expensive Olympics in the summer,
nay-sayers have claimed that the 2012 Games stand little chance of

Not so the veteran British competitor Sharron Davies, who tells me that a lack
of frills could work in London’s favour. “I’ve been to nine Olympics
and far and away the best was Barcelona,” says the swimmer, pictured

“Ask any athlete and they’ll tell you their favourites are the small
events in places with good people and culture.

“People don’t care which building it is in. We certainly don’t need to
worry about competing with Beijing.”

Tory boy hit rocks Labour Party

David Cameron likes to style himself as a bit of muso ? remember those CDs he
bought for Barack Obama? ? so he won’t be too pleased to hear Alesha Dixon’s
views on his plans for the economy. The pop starlet performed at a Labour
Party event last week and delighted the audience with a cheeky dedication:
performing her latest single “The Boy Does Nothing” in honour of
the Tory leader.

Primrose Hill’s street blues

There is disappointment among Primrose Hill’s smart set because their annual
Christmas street party has been cancelled. The event, usually a favourite
with Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Jude Law et al, has been put on hold
owing to the expense of decorating the street in north London. “It’s
going to be very gloomy and bare,” said one resident.

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