Teenagers who mishear sex noises attack woman’s lover

A 16-year-old girl misinterpreted the woman’s amorous screams, and she and
four other teens went to the woman’s bedroom in the Torrington home, police
Lt. Bruce Whiteley said.

One of the teens beat the 25-year-old man with a bat and others punched him,
police said. He suffered a black eye and several bruises.

The girl, two 17-year-old boys and Dilyen Langdeau, 19, of Torrington, were
arrested Tuesday night and arraigned in Bantam Superior Court on Wednesday.
Langdeau was charged with assault and conspiracy; the teens face similar
counts. The fifth teenager was not charged.

A judge sealed the police report. The names of the girl and the two boys were
not released because of their ages.

The 34-year-old woman, Melanie Arnold, told The Associated Press that the girl
is her daughter. Arnold denied she was screaming, and said her daughter
thought she heard a slap and believed an assault was happening.

“Instead of asking what was going on, they assumed and took matters into their
own hands,” Arnold said. “Now they have to learn a lesson.”

The teens knocked on the bedroom door and Arnold opened it, according to the
couple, who recently broke up.

The teens rushed into the room and the man, Roger Swanson, said he didn’t have
a chance to explain himself. He said he tried to get away, but the teens
chased him down and started beating him in the house.

He said he knelt down over a chair and tried to protect his face, but got hit
in the eye and in the back. He said Arnold covered his back to try to
protect him, but the teen with the bat started hitting him in the legs. Then
the youths left.

“What if they fight someone else and those guys don’t walk away? What if they
kill somebody?” he said. “Then they’re going to spend the rest of their
lives in jail. These kids need to learn, go through the court system and see
if you do something to somebody, you see what happens.”

* This article is from The Belfast Telegraph.

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