The feral beast: Editor’s immoderate offspring

Defending the comments left by BellaMack, a spokesman says staff “cannot
be expected to be automatons”, but admits the moderator “was
reminded of guidelines”. So who is the mischievous BellaM? Step forward
Isabella Mackie, or, as her birth certificate records, Isabella Rusbridger,
daughter of Alan, editor of The Guardian. As she wrote in one thread: “Eff
me, I’m famous. But not in a good way. Or maybe in a good way. Depends.”

Sun never sets on name typos

An inauspicious start for Dominic Mohan as editor of The Sun after his paper
was forced to issue a humiliating apology for misspelling Jacqui Janes’s
name on its website, having monstered Gordon Brown for doing so the day
before. But some comfort emerges for the baby-faced new ed ? on Tuesday The
Sun celebrated its 40th birthday by giving readers a facsimile of its first
edition. And what’s this in a theatre listing on page 9 ? Sheila Hancock and
John Shaw starring in a “So What About Love?”. Er, that would be
John Thaw, the actor who later married Hancock. It seems mis-spelling names
is something of a tradition.

Tension breaks at ‘The Times’

Whispers reach me that tensions between Times editor James Harding and his
media editor, Dan Sabbagh, have come to a head, and Sabbagh is moving on.
The difficulties are said to go back to when Harding was business editor.
There is talk of Sabbagh moving elsewhere on the paper, but he fails to
return my calls. His replacement has already been decided, I’m told, and is
described as “an unlikely candidate”. The mind boggles.

Pick a Vaughan, any Vaughan

Fans of English classical music are promised a rare treat on the contents page
of The New Statesman, an article by the long-dead composer Vaughan Williams.
He is billed as writing a piece on cultural institutions, perhaps a
long-lost stab at journalism from a man better known for his symphonies. How
disappointing then to discover it is an error: the writer is in fact Vaughan
Allen. What a lark, ascending.

Poet’s not sitting on his laurels

Andrew Motion isn’t wasting any more time after 10 years’ mothballed away as
poet laureate. Last week he became chairman of next year’s Man Booker prize,
enough to keep the most avid reader occupied, and he continues to teach. Now
Sir Andrew has signed up to write a column for digital men’s magazine Outre.
His cultural reflections may sit surprisingly beside features on super
yachts and expensive watch advertising. But presumably it pays more than a
few crates of sherry.

A meeting of Euro minds

Is it a first? The Guardian and Daily Mail ran the same splash headline on
Friday ? “The great EU stitch-up”. So much for Europe being

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