The IoS Pink List 2009

On the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots – and in the week when the
National Portrait Gallery launches a major new exhibition of Gay Icons, this
list is a celebration of those people who have struggled to get us from
there to here. As such, you won?t see anyone ?outed? in these pages. If you
don’t see someone you think should be on the list, it may be that they have
asked not to appear. It is also possible that – believe it or not – we have
erred and they have been overlooked.

Defining “influential” is, of course, a tricky, highly personal and
often capricious process, and many of you will disagree with the results.
Good! When we first ran the list in 2000, we featured 50 people, and ran
them alphabetically. These days, in the unashamed hope of garnering a little
more controversy, we rank them, a rather difficult task: and we?ve thrown in
a couple of non-Brits, too, on the basis that they stay here, and contribute
so much to the life of the nation. Were we right to do so?

Please send your suggestions and your criticisms to:,
or post them in the comments form below. Maybe you can change the shape of
next year?s list. Or maybe next year, the list of influential, openly gay
people at the top of society will be so long that we?ll have to post it
entirely online.

Click on the image (above) to see the full list.

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first ever IoS Pink List in 2000

Contributors: Damian Barr; Kate Bassett; Hugo Eyre-Varnier; Janine
Fotiadis-Negreponte; Susannah Frankel; Jenny Gilbert; Katy Guest; Mike
Higgins; Mark Leftly; Jane Merrick; Hugh Montgomery; Marc Padgett; Anna
Picard; John Rentoul; Simmy Richman; Ben Summerskill; Peter Victor; Harriet

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