The week’s most popular Diggs: the best math teacher, cartoons depicting rage

Author: Relax News

1. Your ISP, if Net Neutrality disappears – An image hosted on showing the amount your ISP might charge for access to popular internet sites if Net Neutrality is abolished.

2. Best. Math. Teacher. Ever. – a video hosted on of a math teacher  team-teaching with an image of himself that has been projected onto the blackboard.

3. Best Homework Ever?? – an image hosted on showing an example of a student’s homework. The student submitted his homework in Chinese after he was asked to “assume the role of a Chinese immigrant” and write about his experiences.

4. How big is a carbon atom conpared [sic] to a coffee bean? – a website hosted at that uses a sliding zoom interface to demonstrate the size difference between a carbon atom and a coffee bean.

5. FFFFFFUUUUUU – A collection of the best rage threads – a website hosted on that shows a selection of rage-themed cartoons.

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