‘Treaty no will ruin Irish economy’ warns Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary

Author: By Sarah Stack, Press Association

The airline chief called on the electorate to separate their anger at the
Irish Government on Friday – but to vote them out when an early general
election is likely to be called next year.

Mr O’Leary said it was time Irish people woke up to the fact the county was
bankrupt and needed Europe.

“If we vote No the cost of borrowing will rise significantly, we will lose an
EU commissioner because we go back to the Nice Treaty, and we will lose a
veto on direct taxation,” he warned.

Mr O’Leary said he joined the Yes side for the future of the economy and his
young children and not to boost his budget carrier.

He said his company’s half a million euro (£455,000) investment in a campaign
would be money well spent if the Treaty was passed.

But he accused Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Foreign Affairs Minister Michael
Martin of costing the Yes side supporters every time they spoke out.

“I got involved because I genuinely believe that this time if you left it to a
Government which is so deeply unpopular they’d lose this thing,” he

“I want a strong economy and preferably not one run by this feckless
Government we presently have.”

Mr O’Leary also launched a personal attack on those fronting the No side.

“We don’t want to be misled by the lobby of losers on the No side, meaning
Sinn Fein, Joe Higgins, Patricia McKenna and Declan Ganley, none of who ever
created a job in this country,” he said.

As the airline boss bowed out of politics he took a final swipe at Mr Ganley,
the founder of anti-Treaty Libertas who dramatically returned to the public
arena despite vowing not to spearhead another drive against the EU reform

“I’m not a politician, thankfully, and will never be a politician,” added Mr

“This is the end of my political career and unlike Declan Ganley when I say
I’m not getting involved in politics ever again, I mean it.”

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