Turkey kicks out tourist who exposed himself

Joseph McCarron (21), from Londonderry, arrived in the popular Mediterranean
resort of Marmaris on Monday and immediately hit the town.

McCarron and his pals had been drinking in bars on the town’s Long Beach,
knocking back tequila slammers and sharing potent ?fish bowls?.

According to locals, McCarron, who works at an accountants, became aggressive
and abusive and started dropping his trousers and flashing holidaymakers
strolling along the prom.

Two motorbike police patrolling the beachfront were called to the scene but as
they arrived McCarron leapt on them knocking them off the bike.

Stunned eyewitness Maria Timothy (24) said: ?I couldn’t believe my eyes. This
lad was rolling drunk, he was flashing and falling over and spewing abuse at
everyone who walked past. It was causing a scene ? which is unusual for

?They’re happy for you to have a good time but they won’t tolerate abuse out

?We were relieved when the police arrived but that idiot jumped on top of them
on the motorbike. They all fell to the floor and the policemen were trapped
by the bike ? he was hitting and kicking them and still swearing ? it was

Police officers finally subdued McCarron using pepper spray|before taking him
to the local hospital shortly after 4am on Tuesday, where he was discovered
to be more than three times the legal drink drive limit.

McCarron, from Shantallow in Derry city, sobered up in hospital where he and
the two police officers were treated for minor cuts and bruises.

He was transferred to a police station and bought before a judge on Tuesday
afternoon ? facing public order offences for |exposing himself and charges
of assaulting police officers, resisting arrest and damaging government
property. The court heard that £1,200 of damage was caused to a police bike.

The judge ordered McCarron be immediately deported from Turkey and banned from
returning for one year.

He was being held by Marmaris police until they could find space on a flight
to send him home.

A spokeswoman from the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs said it was dealing
with the case. She stated: ?We are giving consular assistance in this case.?

Just two days earlier, on Sunday, Tom Strong from Carlisle was deported from
Turkey for five years after stripping and waving his manhood at Turkish
Republican founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Strong (19) was taken to hospital to determine if he was drunk or mad but was
given a clean bill of health by doctors. He was then held in police cells
before a court was convened on Sunday. Strong appeared before a judge on
charges of insulting Ataturk.

* Source: Belfast Telegraph

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