Twitter interview: Nick Clegg

1. @gitfinger What path should the UK take with it’s defensive
capability? #tweetclegg

Key thing is to be ready to fight stateless conflicts, no longer the old state
vs state cold war conflicts.

2. @Nattiezuik Hi Nick, What measures would you put in place to stop an
economic failure in the future? #tweetclegg

The problem started with the banks so the solution must too. Split the big
banks to end casino risk to everyday savings.

3. @edibleCode Do you think £250K/year for a newspaper column is ‘chicken
feed’? #tweetclegg

Absurd, and offensive to people struggling to get on. How out of touch can he

4. @cjkavanagh LibDem campaigning here in Streatham is v negative (as is
Lab) and severely puts me off LD. Will you challenge it? #tweetclegg

Positive campaiging is best,but people need to know differenecs between
parties too. Off to vote on Gary Mckinnon back in 2.

5. @KLeHuray #tweetclegg We know that lab’ will cut public spending &
are led to believe the cons’ will do the same. What is your policy?

Big savings will need to be made,thats clear. But timing is crucial. Tories
wrong to cut now. Big long term savings needed.

6. @KLeHuray #tweetclegg Brown just claimed that the LibDems have no
policies on various issues, including the economy. Is this correct?

No! Civil libs,clean politics, enviro, social mobility, sorting the banks,
foreign policy – we’ve been market leaders on all.

7. @trevox #tweetclegg: With politicians’ credibility so diminished, should
UK have more referendums on major matters?

n v big issues yes like Europe and constitutional change. But we shouldn’t
become Switzerland!

8. @bajohnson90 #tweetclegg how would you help 18-25 year olds get on the
property ladder?

Cut student debt. Build more affordable housing. Cut taxes on ordinary

9. @Keith_Moran: MPs annoy the public by a lack of straight talking. Can
this ever change with a 24/7 media analysing every word? #tweetclegg

People criticise me for being too blunt – can’t win either way! Town hall
meetings,Twitter etc get you beyond 24/7 media too.

10. @neilglenister What are your thoughts with regards to how the police
have handled recent protests? e.g. the G20 protests#tweetclegg .

Heard first hand from LD MPs at demos,police went OTT. Must now change
kettling etc.

11. @MohammedMAhmed What does Nick make of the BNP in light of them taking
their seats and being shunned by other right-wing MEPs? #tweetclegg

BNP peddlars of hate when people need hope. They won’t be able to deliver on
their bile,hope people see thru them.

12. @iSarahSchloo What are your views on inheritance tax?#tweetclegg

Tory IHT tax break for millionaires wrong when people suffering on ordinary
incomes. Close loopholes to cut taxes for the many

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