Where MoD bonuses could have been spent…

Author: By Wesley Johnson, Press Association

* At least five airworthy Chinook Mk3 helicopters at a cost of £52.5 million
each, according to the Public Accounts Committee in March 2009.

* Upgrades for 48 Lynx Mk 9 helicopters to boost helicopter capability in
Afghanistan, based on a £70 million upgrade programme for 12 helicopters.

* About 300 brand new armoured support trucks to accompany patrols and carry
essential supplies such as water and ammunition. These could include the
Wolfhound, Husky and Coyotee. A similar MoD programme brought 400 support
trucks for £350 million in October last year.

* An £18 million Fire Support Weapon programme would procure a full suite of
the latest weapons optics – including a telescopic day sight, image
intensifying and thermal night sights and a laser rangefinder – to support
the Grenade Machine Gun, a weapon which the MoD says has proven “hugely
effective in operations, particularly in Afghanistan”.

* More than 17,000 extra Army privates on the lowest salary of £16,681 a year.

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