6 Reasons Why You Should be Outsourcing to the Philippines

Business process outsourcing has always been an advantageous approach for companies to minimize costs while enhancing its overall productivity and quality of service. By retaining business process outsourcing staff to handle certain functions such as telemarketing, IT staff and customer support, a company effectively streamlines its operations and re-focuses on strengthening its core businesses.

Recent years have seen the rise of outsourcing offshore labor hire to countries like the Philippines because of the benefit of lower labor rates in these locations. But more than the cost advantage offered by this strategy, businesses actually benefit more from the quality of service offshore companies are able to offer. The Philippines has a rich pool of highly qualified manpower specially trained for service-oriented jobs. The Philippines has so far proven to be the best location for getting business process outsourcing staff because of its several unique advantages.

Successful Offshore labor hire in the Philippines is available to your business because:

1. Fluency in English. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, and the offshore staff in the Philippines use the language very well. This is because English is taught and used intensively in all levels of education in the country, generally ensuring a wide vocabulary, proper dictation, good grammar skills, and a high level of comprehension for the average employee. And since Filipinos have been greatly influenced by American culture, they can easily adopt the American accent, which makes them easier to talk to. Filipinos living in the cities have a bilingual literacy rate of 94 percent.

2. The Philippines was a colony of the USA and as a result has a close affiliation to westernized countries. This improves relationships with clients from other countries where English is the first language. This factor alone has seen the Philippines grow to the number 1 outsourcing offshore labor hire destination.

3. Time Differences. One of the major benefits of offshore outsourcing labor hire to the Philippines is the difference in the time zones. The 2 hour timezone difference between Australia and the Philippines ensures staff are working your business hours. This factor alone makes offshore outsourcing to the Philippines integral to your companies operations.

4. The prestige factor. Call center or BPO jobs in the Philippines are regarded with higher esteem than they are in more developed countries. Business process outsourcing staff in the Philippines generally consider it prestigious to work for Australian companies outsourcing offshore labor hire, and so treat their jobs with greater importance.

5. Within all nationalities there are a number of personal qualities we associate with that culture. Business process outsourcing staff from the Philippines will be friendly, loyal, hard working, flexible and determined employees. The Filipino people will strive to please you with their work performance.

6. Highly educated. Most business process outsourcing staff based in the Philippines are college-educated and computer literate. Filipinos place a huge importance on degree education, especially now on information technology. The skill levels usually attained by graduates and employees in the Philippines are considered world-class, and can contribute significantly to businesses that employ them.

To give your company the competitive advantage business process outsourcing staff is integral. The Philippines is regarded widely as the top choice amongst outsourcing companies for the above six reasons.

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