About Valve Testing

Saving time is a very big factor in the mining industry. For at least 45 years valve testing hardware has been the best option for the design and producing of excellent quality valve test units for pressure and leaking testing.

A peerless commitment to quality and performance, constant development and pioneering in close cooperation with our clients, have brought us where we are today; World’s leading manufacturer of high pressure test clobber for business safety control and shut off valves.

Ventil test units are being utilized by valve manufacture and repair corporations in over 60 countries around the world.

About valve grinding machines and valve lapping kits:

– There is a wide variety of valve grinding machines and valve lapping clobber, covering the range of almost every valve type 10 mm-1000 mm (“-40″) in diameter.
– The unique range of light weight machines are portable and designed to be used on any location in all working circumstances at high level of accuracy. valve grinding machine.
– One fine example of world class valve grinding machine is anything with a range of 2″ to 10″ the orbit range providing unique grinding and lapping for gate-, globe- and safety valves.

Valve grinding machines are a collection of potent, but light-weight valve conditioning solutions for ‘in- situ ‘ or ‘in-shop ‘ restoration of damaged valve seats.

The specific setup and design makes this extremely flexible series excellent for all kinds of vertical seats (gate- and check-valves) and horizontal mounted seats (globe- and safety-valves) in the range of 2″ to40”.

Exceptional features of this type of valve grinding machine include:

– Flexible, universal valve grinding machine for gate, parallel slide, world and safety valves.
– Greatest material elimination rate with the best flatness precision.
– Strong and light-weight.

The special orbital, mechanical driven grinding and lapping system results in a very high material removal rate and extreme good flatness precision.

The grinding heads are mechanically powered by an inner gearing process that swivels the wheels at the identical speed creating the ideal cross hatch machining pattern. Truly a flexible and powerful valve grinding machine is your best choice.

Andy Swallow’s works are in books, articles and websites all around the world. Read more: valve grinding machine or esco millhog.

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