Adequate preparation when you travel

Adequate preparation when you travel with dogs can make the journey easier and safer for everyone involved. For gun dogs, getting to the hunting grounds obviously involves travel, and a crate is often used.

Step 1: Prepare Your Dog

The most important thing you must do is ensure that your dog is comfortable in the truck or car.

Don’t feed your dog in the three hours leading up to departure and take them out for a walk or run before loading up.

The safest way to travel with dogs, is to have him in a crate (required for air travel), if that isn’t possible in your vehicle, a safety harness (aka dog seat belt) is the next best option.

Try to keep your dog on the side of the car that will receive the least sunlight, and never leave your dog in a closed vehicle as even comfortable days outside can lead to deadly temperatures in the car.

Step 2: Prepare Yourself for Travel with dogs

Decide if it is necessary to take your dog. If not, and you don’t think they will enjoy the trip, it may be preferable to Packers and Movers Ahmedabad entrust their care to a reputable kennel.

Make certain the place you are staying welcomes pets.

Acquaint yourself with the rules regarding dogs at your destination, and be prepared to potentially have to lock your dog in their carrier whenever you leave them alone.

Make sure your dog is healthy, their vaccinations are current, and be sure to take a copy of all their health records with you.

Step 3: Mode of Transportation

If you are travel with dogs by car, the preparation is similar to that for the practice trips. Simply make sure to provide your dog plenty of fresh water at stops, and to feed them when you are done driving for the day.

If walking your dog at night, reflective strips on your clothing and your dog’s collar are recommended, and always leash your dog before letting them out of the car.

Air travel is more complex

First, you need to make sure your airline will let you take your pet and make your reservations as far in advance as possible.

Then you must consider the time of year – it is best to travel with your pet during the off-season and when the weather is mild (to avoid temperature extremes in the cargo hold).

Whether your dog is in the passenger compartment with you or in the hold, they will need to be in an airline approved carrier.

The carrier should be labeled with a “Live Animal” sticker on it, as well as a label with your contact information and that of your destination.

The carrier should have a blanket or cushion, as well as an attached water cup (deep is better to avoid spilling).

Prior to leaving for the airport, take your dog for a long walk, and make certain to pick them up promptly.

Finally, be aware that some countries require pets be quarantined upon arrival.

Make sure you understand the regulations for your destination prior to taking your dog with you.

Step 4: Packing for Your Dog

There are things you will need to take when you travel with dogs. Beyond the health information, be sure to take:

* Your dog’s ID tags with all pertinent contact information.

* Pictures and a description of your dog including any unique markings.

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* Your dog’s food and water bowls, as well as any grooming implements.

* If you won’t be able to obtain your dog’s normal diet, take some with you in order to avoid digestive upset.

* Any medication, including heartworm preventative – especially if mosquito season at your destination occurs at a different time than you would normally treat your pet.

Whether you are moving, going on vacation, or going hunting with your faithful companion, travel with dogs will run much smoother if you are prepared.

Following the above steps will make things easier for you and your dog, and will make for a more enjoyable trip for everyone.

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