Aluminum Dockboards – perfect for loading!

by Aluminum DockBoard Guy

Safety assurance

The loading dock is the key of any company’s operations, the point where their business meets the rest of the world. Investing money in the proper loading dock equipment means that the goods will arrive at their destination in the best condition, and that will surely pay back in a while.

Why use Aluminum dockboard?

Aluminum dockboards are special constructions that make the process of loading easier by seamlessly connecting the backs of trucks with the ground. It’s an inexpensive way to make the loading process faster and more effective. Each dockboard has curbs designed to avoid any possibility for the load to fall off. Aluminum dockboards with their relatively light weight provide excellent stability while loading or detrucking the goods.

Not sure about the size?

The size of the dockboard is determined according to the dock height, the capacity of your truck and the height of the highest truck you have. Our specialists can carry out all calculations for you to determine the dockboard size appropriate to your needs.

Legs and Curbs

Every dockboard is equipped with special curbs that increase its strength when dealing with heavy goods and ensure that the load won’t fall off. Safety legs of the aluminum dockboards add steadiness to the whole construction and prevent slippage and any other accidents. Locking legs are designed to minimize sliding of the dock board.

Compliance with OSHA regulations

The bend measures 11 and 9″ from the edge, and the legs are 12″ from the edge.


Some of the companies can provide you with unique design features, such as formed aluminum side curbs that ensure both strength and portability. Tread plate design offers better traction, and side curbs are yellow due to safety regulations.

Handling with Hands

These dockboards are lightweight and can be carried and placed by one person. Plate thickness of the dockboard measures only 3/16″. The welded aluminum edges provide safe entry and exit. The bend is designed to keep ramp edges flush with the surface of the dock and with the dock floor. Each unit is equipped with bolted, locking legs. In order to decrease the chance of roll off, full length aluminum curbs line the sides of the unit. This dockboard has an 800 weight capacity and is intended to be used with two wheel hand trucks.

Other loaded dock equipment

There are plenty of additional stabilizing and supportive items. It can be either trailer jacks that are used to keep trailers steady or chocks to stop vehicles from moving. A truck scissor dock lift is a perfect machine to lift materials into a truck from ground.

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