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There are a number of tools necessary in internet marketing and you may well be aware of the importance given to videos these days. As with many things on the internet, change takes place in a speedy manner and YouTube, which is the most popular video sharing site, is a stellar example of this. Alexa ranks sites for web traffic and YouTube, which launched in 2005, is at number three. It is hard to imagine life without YouTube with billions of views each day and hours of video being uploaded each minute. So if you have never uploaded a video online yourself, you might like to try using the online service provided by Animoto.

A major obstacle in making a video is the fear of technology and now that can be overcome with the help of Animoto. Fast video production is possible with this although it may not be suitable for everything you wish to present online. You can sign up to use the service for free, so getting started is easy although until you upgrade, you are restricted to 30 seconds per video. In terms of the upgrades available, they are all relatively inexpensive with Pro members having access to everything. The Animoto logo is not shown on a video when you sign up as a pro member and so this is really the right choice when using it for business purposes.

You will find that to get started creating a video is totally user-friendly. The initial area you will go into contains several background types and once selected you can begin the video production. You will need several photos when you go on to the next stage. The choices available are to get these from your own computer or indeed Facebook and if you wish, Animoto has several stock images you can use. Also, you can put text at this point and this can be very effective when combined with your photographs.

Following on from this you then include music to your video and this again can come from Animoto’s options or you can upload your own. If you decide to go with the Animoto option, these are tracks you are permitted to use and you can listen to clips before making your choice. Before your video goes live, it is easy to pick out a different track if you change your mind when you see the end result. At this point you are ready to let the video be created once you have entered a title and description for your video.

The Animoto page will change as soon as the video is ready to play and they will send a message to your email address which all takes no time at all. When you watch one that has been finished, you will be impressed considering the ease with which you have put it together. There is the choice to go back and edit it if you wish but if you are pleased with the outcome, you can actually export it there and then to YouTube.

If you want to start putting together your own videos, Animoto is a simple solution.

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