Apple Concentrates on Mobile Technology

Apple is undergoing a restructuring process in which the new CEO Tim Cook will change the management and methods of the company. This process may add the much needed revitalisation that will boost Apple’s efforts to create user-centric technology. Although Apple may not have always considered itself a mobile orientated company, the market for smartphones has significantly increased in recent years.

By the close of 2012, smartphone users are likely to have increased over one billion. This large market does not include many consumers who are still yet to purchase smartphones. These consumers are currently being held captive by Android’s OS that offers a choice in handsets and price ranges.

Current predictions from Asymco state that 100 million iPads will be purchased by consumers by the end of next year. The smartphone remains a popular mobile device among consumers, however. The rivalry between Apple and Google is set of continue and this means Apple needs a way to innovate its mobile technologies.

Apple has always made its mark by unveiling exciting technology such as the iPad mini and iPhone 5 but does the company need to continue a forward thinking strategy? Tim Cook has taken over as CEO and is ready to improve software used by Apple smartphones. Improving their software will give Apple a leading edge in a time when back-end innovation is central to the industry.

Streamlining mobile phone users’ experiences is vital to keeping the market engaged. Google Now is using its technology on the Android to offer increased functionality and services. Android implements open sources technology which is sometimes seen as economical. Apple, on the other hand, lags behind the Google Now model as the Siri, iTunes and other applications cannot be seamlessly accessed by users.

Inter-app communication is highly relevant in the future of mobile phone technologies and Microsoft and Android are leading the way. Apple does have some tricks up its sleeve, however. The XPC framework, developed by Apple, creates communications across process and applications. Not only that, the XPC framework is designed to isolate and stop instabilities in an application. This type of innovation will benefit Apple users greatly. Apple is going a step further and giving their users the opportunity to integrate third party applications in their mobile experience.

As Apple has not has the chance to learn from other companies’ mistakes, Apple’s products have not developed in the same way as other companies. Apple is changing this though with the ‘screen agnostic’ OS that its rivals, such as Microsoft, have not implemented yet. Technology keeps developing and only time will tell who will produce the most user friendly and inspiring technology.

With the ability to reach a global market, Apple set prices that appeal to consumers. More consumers, including first time Apple users, may be willing to engage with Apple products as they are seen to be truly innovative and pushing the boundaries. If Apple can replicate the success of its previous launches and product lines, they are sure to take the forefront of the smartphone industry. This type of consumer engagement was seen with the surge in interest with the iPod mini.

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