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Part of the unchanging, but perennially important employment process devised by companies and workplaces around the world is to check a person’s background. Such measures are resorted in an attempt to mitigate future risks that may ruin the institution’s reputation. Not performing background history taking can be costly to employers due to violence in the workplace, theft, and fraud, among others. This task can be satisfactorily accomplished by looking at a person’s records of arrest, otherwise known as criminal records. These documents are a compilation of a person’s previous encounters with the Law, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

Criminal records are also useful in the background checking of volunteer child care workers, candidates for public office, and the issuance of licenses and accreditations for professionals.

The central agency responsible for the maintenance, protection, and distribution of criminal records in the State of Arizona is the Criminal History Records Section of the State Department of Public Safety. They accept and respond to every request regarding criminal records of the persons put under arrest within the state’s jurisdiction. This is in fulfillment of the Revised Arizona Statute 41-1750. Moreover, individuals arrested in the state, any authorized persons, companies, or agencies, law enforcement entities and the Federal government are the only bodies allowed to gain access to a person’s criminal records.

Requesting a copy of your own Arizona criminal records for whatever intentions involves a hassle-free process. First, contact or make an appointment to the Department of Public Safety and make a request for a records review packet. The contents of this packet, such as the necessary instructions, a pre-addressed return envelope, a contact information sheet, and a blank fingerprint card are things you will need for the entire process. Affix your full name and complete mailing address upon making the request so that the records review packet can be delivered to you. Complete the required fields in the contact information sheet. Some of the required details are your full name, address, and your Social Security number. A full set of fingerprints must be etched in the attached fingerprint card to produce more accurate results to positively identify the person who made the request. Fingerprinting services are offered by the local law enforcement office near you for a minimal amount, or via independent companies that offer fingerprinting services. Finally, send all of these accomplished forms to the address stated in the envelope provided by the records review packet. Requests are processed within 15 days upon their receipt. This service offered by the Department of Public Safety is free of charge.

If you have never been put under arrest or charged with a crime, the Criminal History Records office will issue an audit without any criminal record. Furthermore, if you detected any erroneous entries in your criminal record, you can submit the Review and Challenge of Arizona Criminal History Record Information form that is sent together with your criminal record. Simply indicate the specific items that contain mistaken entries, and explain why you are questioning the charge. You will receive a notification from the Department of Public Safety within 15 days.

Criminal records are especially useful for enterprises established in place with significantly high crime rates. With these facts in check, criminal records of potential applicants are highly sought after for the purposes mentioned above. Using today’s advancements in technology, such records can now be accessed thru the Internet via records retrieval solutions. One can get the fastest possible results after entering the necessary information about a person in question in their database. Such alternatives are engineered for convenience, so that you can save a whole lot of time, cash, and effort.

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