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Pouches are available in many forms, are known as many names, and are made out of just about each material out there. Pouches have been regarded as status token for ladies of yesterday and from now on. Prominent designers have been doing create fabulous pouches that are both practical and trendy in every sense.

And along the advancement of handbags came beaded handbags that started way back the 1300’s when the glass making industry revived. Consequently, it has improved, shaped, and used to many art forms including beaded handbags.

In the Victorian era, this has been an ever existing accessory for every lady in the community. This accessory today is still searched for by enthusiasts of pouches. And with all its leather and alligator skin competitors, beaded pouches have become a luxurious piece of accessory for women of any ages.

Vintage Handbags

Ways to Identify Authentic Vintage Beaded Hand bags

Henrietta Timmons in her posting for Carefully Selected Presents has talked about several things that would determine the credibility of vintage beaded hand bags. It can be stressed out however that not all stated vintage beaded bags are true, you need to painstakingly look into the details to know if it’s indeed a vintage beaded bag.

In accordance with Simmons, you can usually tell the age of a bag with the beads which were used. Beaded hand bags in the 1800’s used really small fine beads that can sum up to 1000 beads per square inch. Imagine how small that is! So the next time you peer bump into a sale, it would really help to count the amount of beads are there per square inch. I’m kidding of course!

Evening Handbags

I like one blogger’s citation that based on Coco Chanel, women need to be caterpillars by day and butterflies by night. Isn’t it enchanting?

Why this metaphor? I really think because evening beaded pouches look stunning in the evening. The glorious set of beads, pearls, and semi-precious stones dance together with the moon and stars in the evening and stands out through the lights. It is indeed charming. Evening beaded pouches can look just ordinary during the day and glittering in the nighttime. So evening beaded hand bags can be caterpillars in the day and butterflies in the dark, thus the name evening beaded bags.

Story also tells that a woman’s social level depends upon the size of the bag she is holding. The smaller the bag, the richer the female supports that organization. These small but elegant evening beaded pouches have been in use by women all over the world with disregard to its pricey tags.

A woman’s grace and fashion is seen through the way she dresses and accessorize, and I must say carrying evening beaded hand bags are a sure approach to look elegant. This small, often embellished simple and stunning will make or break your wardrobe. So it’s important to show off that evening beaded bag with charm and composure.

Handmade Hand bags

Anything expressed by the hand has its certain attraction to prospects, from homemade cards, handmade set of footwear, and handmade beaded pouches. It demands careful planning in your mind and innovative hands to develop such beautiful crafts to reality.

Handmade beaded pouches can be tough to do; they can be painstakingly hard to create just one piece but the end result is worth every drop of sweat. Determined by your budget, the internet has a lot to offer when it comes to handmade beaded pouches so be careful with your alternatives. Choose what works best on you and with most of your wardrobe, find something that blends well with almost all your closet finds and save yourself time and money.

Knitted Hand bags

Knitted beaded pouches are pretty much the mixture of handmade evening beaded bags. You have to use your hands in knitting the beads to generate beautiful evening beaded bags. These are the conditions when an artisan can practice what she has been born to do, to create lovely knitted beaded hand bags that will trick their customers with their design.

The whole ensemble of beaded bags is precious and special. Determine what it takes to establish this fashion accessory, make it with a heart set for greater things to come. You might not really know what’s in store for that beaded bag. For as long as there is a woman out there using a beaded bag, then it is still worth making these efforts of art.

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