Beauty Treatments For Hair

Strain, smog and inadequate nutrition are just a few of the sworn enemies in the hair which might be frequently dry, brittle and fragile. Take some time to hydrate, recover and give new quantity in your hair. Elegance Vices Salon we provide a variety of therapies to further improve the wellness and visual appeal of one’s hair from thermal treatment plans, given that the mud treatment and Thalassotherapy, fruit treatment plans.

If your hair is dry and brittle hair, if you want to fight dandruff and regularize the cute, if you’d like to donate to a thin foliage volume or return them light, brilliance and silkiness, take a look at our proposals, all natural and without contraindications.

The wonder THAT Emanates from H2o And dust

The thermal water gushing from Juno (C.t, VR) is the soul of our Thermal treatments.

Bioactive water that returns and volume even at elegance hair blown out and exhausted, restoring an appropriate equilibrium in between softness and vitality, health and wonder.

Juno is h2o rich in mineral salts, trace components and ions needed to moisturize and restructure every single hair. The water-based treatments of Juno also have a calming, emollient and moisturizing the pores and skin.

Sometimes it happens to use aggressive products and shampoo that compromise the hair texture: Thermal treatments have an anti-inflammatory action and are able to operate on both the hair and on skin.

Juno drinking water is usually combined with mud baths to encourage microciclo and remove toxic compounds.

But exactly what does our hair spa treatment method?

It commences which has a scalp therapeutic massage with critical oils, to soften and rest it, long lasting 10 minutes. Then use the mud and remaining posing. You will find distinct forms of sludge, every single designed for a specific dilemma of your skin or hair. In the conclusion from the exposure time we wash the hair and we set them to bath in thermal water; Right here way too there are numerous kinds of remedies for moisturizing motion, tumble or dandruff, scalp regulation.

The treatment finishes using the remaining software of the fluid that gives consolation to dry hair and applying drinking water primarily based lotions of Juno. A spa cure by beauty Vices is also a moment of leisure that you are providing your self. At the close you will detect how only one application to recognize the benefits supplied by Juno and the mud.


Additionally to your mud waters present a spread of spa remedies, good fruit extracts to moisturize the hair from root to finishes. The fruit has normally been an awesome mate of our well-being: prosperous in h2o, nutritional vitamins and useful substances beneficial for line, skin and hair. The fruit combats dehydration and allows counteract hair growing older, improves the external look as well as internal framework.

We offer a range of treatments:

-Fig extracts, fruit powder, very sensitised hair

-ginseng fruit powder, perfect for color-treated hair

-chocolate extracts, indicated to give volume to slender hair

-tomato extracts against aging

-Rice proteins, beneficial specifically for brittle hair.

Want to find out more about Remy Hair Extensions, then visit the site on how to choose the best for your needs.

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