Advertise on the Internet Using Social Networking

by Darron Skinner-Martin

You may not be aware but the new advertising king is web 2.0. Web 2.0 is basically the sharing of information through collaboration between internet users. Everyone knows the best form of advertising is networking. The internet allows us to network with people all over the world about certain niches. The problem is it takes time. This is why you are able to outsource offshore staff to network for you. Outsourcing offshore staff is almost like having team members telling people about your product but in the biggest market place in the world.

What is Social Networking? Social networking is the sharing of information on forums, blogs or any other form of website created for a certain topic. There are also large social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook. You can take advantage of this new marketing tool by outsourcing offshore staff to become your online ‘word of mouth sales team’.

I know it may be hard to believe but there are professional bloggers and forum employees who simply network to create links and information about products. You are able to get direct contact with people who may need your products or who knows someone who needs your services. If you are in business I am sure you are aware of the power of word of mouth advertising.

Social networking advertising is very different to normal advertising. You can’t just blog or post an advertisement on a forum. You have to show them you are an expert and contribute in worthwhile ways. Normally you are able to put your web site in your signature and sell yourself a bit there. But imagine if you were at a seminar or something and someone came in, gave a spiel and left. What would you think? It is the same premise. It is about building relationships but sometimes if done in the correct place you can get very good Google rankings for some keywords. Not only that people read forums and might just see your ‘informative expert comments’. This is the real power of social networking.

Blogging is almost essential for businesses trying to develop and create traffic. There are thousands of blog resources and websites available. It is a powerful tool as it provides new pages and links back to your website. Search engines love new content on your website. By writing a high quality blog with good keywords you can increase your traffic and search engine rankings.

There are both short term and long term advantages to outsourcing offshore staff as your social networking sales people. The short term advantages is the word of mouth referrals as well as the people who stumble upon your articles, blogs or forums. The other major long term advantages is the links it creates for your website. These links assist by improving your page ranking in search engines like Google. Social networking will create more traffic both in the short and long term.

Changing your marketing methods is essential in the world of business. Social networking as a marketing tool is critical for the modern business. This is an online marketing trend people are using right now to increase sales dramatically. If you are not going to use social networking then some of your competitors will. This form of advertising is one path to generate large amounts of traffic to your website. Position your business now to take advantage of the unique power social networking can create for your organization.

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